Peanut and Zorro Get a New Dog Run

A dog run is a must. Too many nasty critters lurking around meant that when the boys had to do their business we had to “take them for a walk”.

The first run was just garden fence and a ramp. It didn’t take long, however, for Peanut to figure out that he fit through the fencing. That was the end of Dog Run 1.

Dog Run 2 was more secure but Peanut figured out he could jump over the fence. I had to add a section to keep the little bugger in.

My honey do list has a few jobs that are a pain in the butt and picking up doggy poo is my all time least favourite. A job made worse by the well fertilized grass. And mowing was no easy feat, what with a fence in the way. The grass had to go. I would replace it with patio stones. Sounded easy enough.

It turns out that the area slopes quite a bit and I had to level it. I used gravel, which is a bitch to level. The fenced area wasn’t exactly square so I had to move the fence. This meant moving the ramp. Don’t you find that projects like this always have some surprises? Or maybe it’s just me.

The finished dog run turned out pretty well.

One big lesson learned: patio stones are very heavy and you should never stack too many on the end of the trailer.

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