Clouds Across the Sky

I captured the images using my webcam, a Sony DCR-TVR17 video camera, and saved them as a time-lapse movie. The camera is connected to my Mac Pro via Firewire and runs the Evocam application. I made the music with Notebeat on my iPhone 3Gs.

3 thoughts on “Clouds Across the Sky

  1. Is it possible you are connecting your TVR17 to your Mac via a FW400 to FW800 adapter and if so, did you have any problems getting iMovie to recognize the camera. In my case, I’m running the latest version of Lion on an i7 iMac. Would be very interested to know if you have a similar setup. BTW, the video is very cool. Nice job on the time lapse. The TVR17 is still a great video camera in light of the HD explosion.

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