Day 4: Knoxville, TN, The Big Day

The time has come. We leave the hotel after breakfast. We tell Sheila to take us to Sweetwater, TN. This little town is very close to the centre of the path of the eclipse. Our objective is to see the total eclipse. This is only possible in a 70 mile strip and Sweetwater is right in the middle.

Sheila is taking us to the interstate but we can see it is bumper to bumper already. Panic time. I quickly tell Sheila to detour and we’re off towards another route. Unfortunately she is just trying to get us back to the interstate. Crap. I have to keep her detouring. Eventually we realize we are within the 70 mile wide path. Lightbulb comes on. We don’t need to go all the way to Sweetwater.

Here is where we found our spot to watch this once in a lifetime event.

A Walmart parking lot. Perfect. We can shop while we wait. IMG_1080

We sit in the car with the AC on. It’s 95 degrees in the shade outside.

We watch the eclipse from 1:00 to about 3:30.

We of course wear our special glasses and see the moon slowly cover the sun.

It’s getting dark and then totality. We take off the glasses and look up. The sun is black except for a very narrow bright white ring around its edge. This was an unbelievable sight. “Worth the drive to Acton.”

I tried to take pictures but it was impossible.

The camera can’t focus on the sun so all I got was a bright image. Trust me the sun was all black except the ring.

We saw traffic already backing up on the interstate so we took the side roads to get back to the hotel.

An amazing day.